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Millions of people are realizing the value of programming skills. Block coding makes learning to code much more approachable.

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Programming is one of the most relevant skills you can have right now for your professional or personal life. There’s just one problem: coding is hard.

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Every modern software project makes use of modularity at some level. The benefits include better separation of concerns, easier maintenance, and more.

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In recent years, programming has become more accessible than ever. Visual programming languages play an important role in this trend.

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Ten simple app ideas to inspire new developers and start-ups.

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Is software development reserved for professionals with serious credentials and many years of experience? That’s a common assumption, but the reality is quite different. Amateurs of all kinds are taking advantage of end-user development.

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Web browsers aren’t just for browsing the Internet, they can be powerful software development tools too...

Your First Programming Language: Finding the Right Programming Language for You

The question people ask themselves when building an app for the first time is often: “What should my first programming language be?” The real question is what programming language is right for you.

No Coding Chops? No Problem! The "No Code" Movement Explained

The so-called "no code" movement promotes the use of simple modular tools to create applications without programming. But is that a realistic goal, or is it too good to be true?